Vibration Technology

Vibrations in buildings always exist; they’re caused by road and railway traffic, construction sites, machineries, industrial plants or blastings. VIbrations may damage the building as well as straining the people living inside it. Measures to protect against vibrations prevent the oscillation from spreading into other objects.

For many years we focused on the calculation of vibrations in buildings. We provide vibration measurements, dynamic calculations and predictions, to identify the vibration risk and possibly take action. In our implementation concept we develop measures to reduce oscillation effectively. Small-area foundations protect against vibrations in the ground from taking over into the building and create the base for a safe draft.

As consultant engineers for Vibration Technology we evaluate the harmfulness of oscillation acc. to national guidelines DIN 4150;DIN45669 and rate damage events due vibration Immission.

For machine foundations and the demolition of buildings by blastings, special calculations are needed, in order to protect surrounding buildings/machines from vibration damages and avoid judicial aftermath.

Our Services:

• Dynamic Calculations
• Earthquake Calculations
• Predictions of impact load stress, e.g. ship impact
• Vibration measurements for towers and church spires
• Calculating and dimensioning of vibration dampers (supplier Independent).