Structural Dynamics

Protection against vibrations for buildings and people
Vibration caused by building sites, road traffic, railway traffic and industrial plants spread through the ground, are transmitted via the foundation into neighboring buildings and oscillate the buildings floors in resonance vibtration.

Avoid cracks and disturbance
Such impacts (immissions) are not only damaging for buildings (crack Initiation), but also unacceptable for the residents (Vibration and secondary airborne sound). Therefore the Federal Immission Control Act (Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetz) demands limiting values regarding vibrations.

For this purpose we develop predictions and plans
Protection against vibration is a specialist field of consulting engineers. Vibration Engineering is one of our expertises. Oscillation measurements and dynamic calculations are the base for the evaluation of the building ground. Prediction and reduction of vibrations is our business. The same applies to blastings.

Feel free to consult us with any concern you may have about Vibration Technology!