Structural Analysis

Static calculations and third party inspection
Defining the exact cutting point between reliable safety and minimal cost – that is our ambition and responsibility. We help our clients from the very beginning to avoid unnecessary expenses and to keep the overall costs for their project to a minimum. Inspections are another long-year tradition in our company.

For example: Chimney reconstruction
Three additional holes for the connection of a block-type Thermal Power Station at the bottom of an old, brick-lined chimney, at the site of the HEW district heating plant Allermöhe, were to be made. Such holes are severe interventions into the statics of a sensitive structure such as a chimney.

Demolition and new construction avoided
According to a draft of ARC Ingenieurbau the chimneys height was reduced from 67m to 55m and the inner brickwork was removed. A crance inserted the new exhaust pipe from the top in the coreless brickwork socket. Then the three flue openings were drilled in the base and clayed with steel.

Through accurate planning and calculation the restoration saved our client, Esso Favorit, the demolition and new construction.

For the chimney restoration at the HEW district heating plant our engineering office made the structural analysis. For other chimney projects we also made blasting calculations or e.g. safety nets around the chimney.