Project Planning and Scheduling

Professional know-how is needed for the planning of industrial constructions. Our expert knowledge and experience include diverse objects such as refineries, lecithin plants, extraction sites, storage depots, bridges, quay walls, silos and bulk tanks.

We work on the basis of latest knowledge.

Where others are at loss, we develop ideas and solutions on the basis of latest knowledge. Our cooperation and bonds with universities and colleges provide us with a direct transfer of know-how.

For example: facing dust explosions in sowing silos
Some silos’ “hat” may have gone up, given that the dangers of dust explosions were undervalued. For many years our Company has been involved in developing explosion safety procedures. To some extent silo roofs are designed to swing fully open in case of an explosion, or integrated flaps let the explosion pressure escape.

Avoid bursting of silo walls
While design loads for sowing silos are well-known by now, there are still problems to solve for the unpredictable fill-mass soy meal. which has not been gathered in Standards or norms. Unforeseeable adhesions may lead to a bridging effect that can stress the silo walls and cause them to burst. In the construction of special silos however, we were always able to realize adequate solutions for complex problems.