Foundation Engineering

North-German coastal lands have one predominant problem: water. Getting to know the powers of this element and how to control it was and still is one of our subjects of expertise.

Special heavy construction, wharfage and flooding protection belong to our common tasks in the field of Foundation Engineering.

For example: Hamburg Köhlbrandbrück (Bridge)
The Köhlbrandbrücke can be seen from far away and is one of Hamburgs landmarks. Its pillars are founded on a multiplicity of piles. While thousands of cars drive over the bridge a day, under the bridge brisk shipping traffic takes its place. Highest safety requirements have to be met.

Protection against collision with ships
After the digging of an embankement, a pillar needed to be protected against a ship collision. A double steel ring was installed to absorb he kinetic energy in case of a collision and prevent the pillar from getting damaged.