Construction Inspection

The competent and experienced peridoic inspection is significantly important to the preservation of the construction inventory in judicial and technical means. The competent construction inspection is the verification for the structural safety, road safety and functionality of engineering work.

A classified inspection and controlling management contributes to the detection and avoidance of damages to the building structure in the initial stage. Hereby, expensive renovation costs later on can be avoided.

In the course of our decades-long inspectional work, we provide our clients with objective expert know-how which includes constructional inspections, inspections acc. to DIN 1076 and constructional verification. For numerous public customers we realized public administrative inspections. Amongst others we own a certificate for bridge inspections. We focus on structurally inspecting bridges, engineering work, high-building and historic buildings, for new constructions, reconstruction and later on for inventory audits and monitory inspections.

We ensure to reach a level of quality with our vehicles explicitely designed for constructional inspections at maximum cost efficiency. Even building parts that are difficult to access can be easily examined and eyeballed. Expenses for time and effort, as well as the possible time of non-use can be significantly reduced.