Company Policy

KramerAlbrecht works with a documented quality management acc. DIN EN ISO 9001. Furthermore another certificate is pending, which will certify us acc. to Occupational Health- and Safety Assessment Series 18001. Our quality policy has precise goals:

Stability and Continuity

Founded in 1910, the history of our company has always been established by the personalities who lead the firm and their renowned projects. We are proud of our long-term business relationships with our customers that often last over decades. For the last century, every generation of engineers has given KramerAlbrecht a distinctive profile, and as an independently operating engineering firm, established long-lasting partnerships with big companies. Our quality management allows our customers to access all our project documents in our archive. For this reason there will be no loss of knowledge or experience, when one of our staff members retires.

First-class quality

The economic success of our customers often relies on our precise and high-quality operations. That’s why we invest energy and diligence in every projects, to ensure optimal services and solutions. Particularly difficult and challenging problems reveal the quality of our effort. Unbound from any third party interests we work with proper procedures, quick, economically adequate and goal-oriented. We leave our quality marks not only in new buildings, but also adjust and strengthen the building fabric of existing structures. The implementation of third party inspections is a social commitment to us, which demands unique diligence.

Expertise and Teamwork

Our continuous and open dialog with our staff, customers and vendors creates mutual trust as well as a cooperative relationship. Regardless of hierarchies an ‘open-door-principle’ is an important policy of our business culture. This includes teamwork, open communication and mutual respect towards anyone. KramerAlbrecht is distinct by expertise, strong loyalty, camaraderie and the inclusion of all staff members in improvement processes.

Quality- Healthiness – Safety

The healthiness and well-being of all staff members participating in the work process is top priority for us. The continuous improvement of processes, via our quality-, health-, and safety management forms an important foundation for our success. Thus the enhancement and implementation of our integrated management systems is the duty of all staff members. The guarantee of healthiness and safety, reduction of risks towards staff members and clients, that might lead to injuries, occupational diseases, work related health issues and risks, damage or destruction of property, are requirements for our work. Any accident or injury is one too many.

The abidance of these guidelines is the duty of all staff members. The administration of business exemplifies these goals and sets the requirements for its attainment.