Corporate Profile

Our headquarter is located at Glockengießerwall 1, the historic “Hamburg Kontorhaus”, where our engineering firm has been operating since 1926. Since 2009 we also maintain an office in Abu Dhabi, UAE. On the basis of long-time experience and continuity, our team serves our clients with practice-oriented, structural engineering solutions for civil engineering projects. KramerAlbrecht has complementary expertise in the fields of Structural Engineering, Inspections and Testing, Project Planning and Scheduling, and Technical Advisory:

Structural Engineering

Static Engineering

  • Statics Analysis
  • Structural Audit
  • Structural Condition Survey
  • Building Static Assessment
  • Vibration and Fatigue Analysis
  • Structural Stability Calculations

Structural Dynamics

  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Anti-Collision
  • Loading Impact Analysis
  • Seismic/Earthquake Calculations
  • Structural Physics
  • Fire-Proofing

Piping Engineering

  • Thermal Designing
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Pipeline System Analysis
  • Vibration Assessment
  • Flow Simulation Study
  • Dynamic Load Calculations

Structural Design & Rehabilitation

  • Structural Design & Verification
  • Design of Timer and Steel Structures
  • Foundations and Underground Structures
  • Renovation of new or existing Load-Bearing Elements
  • Structural Renovation Design and Survey

Inspections and Testing

Third Party Inspection of Design, Calculations & Drawings prior to Construction

Bridge Inspections

  • Periodical Inspection
  • Durability Tests
  • Diagnosis of Structural Defects
  • Review of As-Built Design
  • Third Party Bridge Inspection Services for Public or Private Authority

Construction Inspection

  • Construction Site Inspection
  • Third Party Site Verification
  • Structural Work Inspection
  • Survey of Building Structural Condition
  • Construction Asset Auditing
  • Inspection according to Din1076

Testing Services

  • Corrosion Analysis and Inspection
  • Stress Analysis Inspection and Testing
  • Onshore and Offshore Third Party Inspections
  • Inspection Engineers and Advisors
  • Inspection according to WHG/VAwS (Federal Water Act)

Project Planning & Scheduling

Design Review & Verification

  • Verification of Structural Design
  • Assessment of Design Process
  • Detailed Engineering Design and Study
  • Review of Structural Specifications
  • Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • Verification of Calculation & Design Drawings

Project Management & Representation

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Supervision
  • Cost Control and Reduction
  • Project Controls and Reporting
  • Quality Control, Health and Safety
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Performance and Delay Analysis

Building Restoration & Conservation

  • Building Investigation or Inspection
  • Restoration Budget Estimation
  • Building Evaluation and Survey
  • Building Renovation Planning
  • Design for Heritage Building Rehabilitation

Water Resources & Hydraulic Engineering

  • Underground Engineering
  • Harbor Protection
  • Quays, Anchorages and Ship Mooring Plans
  • Mooring Post Calculations
  • Flood Control
  • Float Stability

Technical Advisory

Quantity Surveying, Cost Consulting & Value Engineering

Pre-Contract Services

  • Budget Estimation & Cost Planning
  • Advise on Procurement & Contractual Arrangements
  • Assist in Contractor Selection or Pre-Qualification
  • Tender Evaluation, Negotiation and Tender Reports
  • Verification of Quantities Prepared by Others
  • Highlighting Discrepancies in Tender Documents
  • Tender Pricing and Estimation
  • Construction Schedule of works

Post-Contract Services

  • Site or Office based Support
  • Log of Subcontract Procurement
  • Contractual Liaison
  • Analysis of Contractors’ Prices and Quotation Terms
  • Management of Subcontractors Claims and Setoffs
  • Control of Variations and Work Accounts
  • Contractual Notices
  • Evaluation of Variations
  • Manpower Histogram & Cash Flow
  • S-Curves (man-hour and cost)

Contractual Services

  • Project Strategy Advice
  • Risk Identification and Management Advice
  • Cost Planning and Financial Analysis
  • Construction Program Analysis
  • Document Risk Analysis
  • Preparing and Negotiating Claims
  • Reducing Claims of Subcontractor / supplier
  • Project appraisal Recommendation of Action
  • Establishing Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of Claims Situation
  • Detailed Narrative to recover Extension of Time Entitlement (Time Impact Analysis)